RecRoom Paintball E-Sports League - Season 2 is Here! Sign Up now!

RecRoom Paintball E-Sports League - Season 2 is Here! Sign Up now!

Hello everyone! It’s time for season two of the Rec Room Paintball E-Sports League. After taking some time to review last season and all the processes involved, we have made some changes and refinements.

Visit the league website -


• New this season, we will run two concurrent seasons - Division I and Division II.

• Division I will have 8 teams of 6 players. Each team will have a captain that will also act as a player for that team. The teams will be determined via draft lead by the captains.

• Those not drafted to Division I will be able to play in Division II. The captains in Division II will act as mentors, and will not be players on the team. We are targeting 8 teams, but will adjust depending on how many players sign up.

• Team Captains will be chosen by the League Managers from the Captain Applicant Pool. Please message a Manager on the Paintball League Discord if you'd wish to be a Division I or Division II Captain. To note: Division II captains are allowed to be players in Division I. Guidelines for captains are listed on the Sign Ups page.

• Players will be chosen in a draft. You can sign up for the draft in the Leagues Sign Ups section. Captains will take turns picking from the draft pool. Players are required to review the rules, and they have been updated for this season. The Draft will be Saturday, February 17th at 3:00PM PST.

• The League also needs officials to moderate the matches and log records. League management will pick officials from the applicant pool. If you wish to apply, message a Manager on the Paintball League Discord. New this season: Players can be officials of a division they are not in. Guidelines for Officials are listed on the Sign Ups page.

Sign up for the league here -

Join the League Discord -

All league players are required to join the league discord server where match scheduling and league communication will take place. We strongly recommend teams use their team's discord channel on the official league discord server rather than creating their own server.


• The league will consist of a total of eight teams.

• Each team may have six players. Although no match is more than 4v4, it is important to have substitutes for matches that some teammates cannot attend.

• Teammates will be drafted. This event will be on Saturday, February 17th, from 3:00PM to 4:00PM PST.

• Players will sign up for the league draft online. There is no limit to the number of players that can participate in the draft, however, if more than eighty players sign up, some will not be drafted.

• All players must play a minimum of two regular season games and one playoff match. Players that fail to meet these requirements are not eligible for prizes.

• Once drafted, players will receive an in game jersey with their team color.


If you would like to apply to be a team captain, please sign up on the website after registering and message one of the league managers. There are a few things we are looking for the team captains. If you feel you meet the requirements below, please sign up!

• Captains who are willing to commit to their job - organizing matches, working diplomatically with other captains/officials, encouraging and supporting teammates, scheduling team practice, instilling strategy, etc.

• Captains who keep the league fun for everyone - Team captains should not be petty nor spiteful. Just because you are on a team doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with players on other teams (captains should understand this). Captains should be somewhat flexible when match rescheduling occurs. We don’t want captains to say no to a reschedule just because they want the win.

• Captains who can keep teams balanced - This time around, we are looking for top player captains with good reputations. Since the top players typically play more than others, they have a better idea of the skills of other players in the community. Having captains that are also fantastic paintballers will force more even teams. If the captains are some of the best players, they will be more evenly distributed. Then when picking teammates, these “top player” captains would make more educated decisions on who the best players left in the pool are. Just to be clear, when we say “top player” we don’t mean that you have to be on the leaderboards or have some kind record - just the skills or reputation of a great paintball player.


• Players that do not wish to participate in competing may also sign up to be a “league official”. Players competing cannot be league officials of the division they are competing in.

• Officials are responsible for spectating, recording, and reporting on matches. They are also intended to settle any disputes that may occur during matches.

• Officials will post streams and in-game photos of the final scoreboards in the league discord


  1. Competitiveness is expected but comradery is encouraged. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. We want to avoid fights, arguments, cursing, and bad blood.
  2. There is no limit on the amount a player can use a particular weapon or item. This means players are permitted to use the shield/sniper/shotgun as much as they’d like. These are competitive matches and players are encouraged to use every ingame resource to win.
  3. Spawn killing will be tolerated. Against Gravity has implemented multiple features and better spawn points to reduce the risk of getting stuck in a spawn kill trap. Again, these are competitive matches and competitive players are less likely to get spawn killed. We want to see who can be the best with the tools and environment provided.
  4. Flag throwing will be permitted for CTF games. Against Gravity has reduced the max distance a flag can be thrown. This also means that between the time that your hit and respawn, you are allowed to knocked around objects with your hand (like flags and grenades).
  5. Stepping through walls/objects will be permitted but not encouraged. We understand this happens by accident sometimes. What will not be tolerated is standing on one side of an object and shooting through the other side. If players abuse this, points will be deducted from the overall score. League officials will prevent this from happening.
  6. Neck dodging is permitted. Players are encouraged to get as creative as possible with their dodging without using external applications to enhance their skills.
  7. Using the lobby/dugout intentionally during a match is not permitted.
  8. If bugs, glitches, or extraordinary instances occur during matches, league officials will be responsible for determining winners, rematches, and/or the correct course of action.
  9. Using applications like “Advanced Settings” to cheat will not be tolerated. Players caught cheating will be disqualified.
  10. Shorthanded teams will not be allowed. Teams must adhere to the team set-up assigned to that match(4v4, 3v3, or 2v2). Teams that don’t meet the minimum amount of players will be forced to either reschedule or forfeit.
    1. Rescheduling: Both teams and an Official must agree to a rescheduled match. All rescheduled matches must be played within two days of the original match. The new time must be agreed upon at least 3 days (72 hours) before the original match time, no exceptions.
    2. Forfeit: If the full team does not agree to a rematch, the shorthanded team will be forced to forfeit the match. If both teams are shorthanded and cannot reschedule within two days, both teams will be forced to forfeit.


To view the entire schedule visit

Regular Season

  • Matches for both division I and division II will be played on weekdays; Monday – Thursday.
  • Matches will take place between 6PM - 8PM PST.
  • Teams will receive two points for every win and one point for every tie.
  • Teams will participate in eight team battle matches and six CTF matches.
  • At the end of the season, playoff seats will be determined based off points.
  • Spectating officials are encouraged. However, if no officials are available to witness the match, players may either submit a video or stream of the match and in-game photo of the final scoreboard.


  • Playoffs will be double elimination. These means teams will only be disqualified when they lose two matches during the playoffs.
  • Matches leading up to the championship will be played on weekdays; Monday - Thursday. The championship matches will be on Sunday, May 6th.
  • Weekday matches will take place between 6PM - 8PM PST. Championship matches will take place between 2PM - 5PM PST.
  • All playoff matches will be 4v4. Four rounds will be team battle and two will be CTF.
  • All matches will be to 100 hits or 3 flags.
  • Maps have been predetermined and are listed on schedule.
  • All playoff matches will be spectated and streamed by league officials.
  • Best of three matches will be played for the championship match.


  • League players are invited to attend special events.
  • The season schedule and special events were purposefully designed not to interfere with major holidays.
  • These events are not mandatory, non-competitive, and strictly for comradery and entertainment. They are meant to have a convivial atmosphere.

PRIZES - Coming soon!

We expect to have a super fun season and hope you’ll join us. 

Hand Painted RecRoom Canvases

Hand Painted RecRoom Canvases

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